How Do I order a SSL?

How do I order a SSL Certificate and dedicated IP address?

To Order any SSL Certificate, Login to your account with us and send a ticket to billing and then add your info as follows:

Your account user name for our customer order/tech support portal:
Email (please create the email as :
Email Password:
Host to make cert for: (with our without www, eg: or
(2 letter abbreviation)
Company Name:
Company Division:

Note1: Please note that once a cert is issued by the issuing authority Comodo CA Limited ( ) the domain name can not be altered.

Note2: Installation will take 1 - 24 hours to complete depending on the IP availability and the time Comodo CA Limited take to review your details and issue the cert.

Note3: once we install the cert on your website you can upload the images we send to you after the install takes place.

Note4: For discounted SSL's You Can only use the Certificate on OUR servers.

Note5: All SSL orders are NON-refundable, under any circumstance, please make sure when you order it you make sure ALL info submitted is valid.

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